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About Me

My musical talents were sparked at the age of 14 when I heard Jukebox Hero by Foreigner on the radio while riding in my dads truck. It inspired me so much that I worked my ass off to buy my first guitar. It was a great part of my youth learning to express myself and having a way to vent things as a teen. I eventually got a bass, and then a drum set, though I never was amazing at drums.

I had no idea my true music passion was still hidden from me until I studied at Musicians Institute in Hollywood,CA where I became a certified audio engineer. I would be fooling around in the computer DAW labs with my guitar, when I made a friend sitting beside me who was working on beats. I decided to try and make one, and ever since have been hooked!

Thank you for taking time to come to my page and check out my music. It is my largest passion and I hope that we can work together and make some truly amazing and inspiring music!